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Вкусы Tangiers Noir:
Absinthe - Зелёное яблоко-анис с ноткой мяты -Anise blend with subtle mint
Blackberry - Спелая лесная Ежевика -Tart berry
Blueberry - Сладко-кислая Черника -Delicious! Long lasting semi-sweet blueberry, one of our favorite mixers
Blue Flower - Цветочный вкус с ноткой Лаванды -Sweet floral with a light lavender touch
Brambleberry - Смесь лесных красных и чёрных ягод -Red berries and blackberries mix together for slightly tart smoke session
Bug Powder - Каширские пряности с вишнёво-ментоловым леденцом -Kashmir with mint and a little splash of cherry
Cane Mint - Мятно-ментоловые карамельные леденцы -World renowned peppermint flavor
Chocolate Mint - The proof is in the pudding, a spot on blend for a popular flavor combo
Classic Raspberry - Малина -For those that like a bitter touch to their raspberry
Clove - Гвоздика -Powerful straight clove flavor
Cocoa - Молочный шоколад -Smells like chocolate milk powder (the one with the rabbit on it) staff favorite
Cool Strawberry - Клубника с добавлением ванили и мяты -Sweeter than the regular strawberry with a cooling exhale
Dark Cherry - Спелая вишня, как у напитка Dr Pepper -Great flavor strength that is reminiscent to a popular soda that starts with Dr.
Dark Plum - Темная несладкая Слива -Unsweetened plum flavor similar to a dehydrated fruit snacks
Double Orange - Апельсин с цветочной ноткой -Surprise it floral!
Expermint - Садовая Мята с высоким содержанием -Extreme level of Spearmint
Forbidden Fruit - Смесь сладких фруктовых вкусов -A unique fruit trip with a taste to mimic a fleshy apple interior
Grapefruit - Грепфрут - It’s not the tangiest grapefruit but still makes it on several favorite flavor list
Green Apple Candy - Зелёный яблочный леденец -Flavor packed with a sweet green apple sucker taste
Green Apple Tea - Зелёный яблочный чай -Tea notes keep this flavor from being overly sweet while giving you a nice green apple taste.
Guajava - Сладкий вкус Гуавы -Sweet gauva, if you like guava add this to your must try list
Guanabana - Гуанабана, вкус похож на яблочно-вишнёвый микс -Soursop fruit! If you’re still lost it’s a creamy fruit with some sour notes
Horchata - Вкус Хорчаты -Cinnamon and cream combine to bring this popular drink to smoke form
Indian Summer - Индийское лето, смесь тропических фруктов с цветочной ноткой.
Indigo Flower -Цветок Индиго с цветочным чаем и гранатом -Floral pomegranate with a mysterious exhale
It’s Like That One Breakfast Cereal - Сладкий сухой завтрак Froot Loops Kellog's -The cereal that features Toucan bird.
It’s Like That Other Breakfast Cereal - That poor rabbit will never get to eat this cereal
Jamaica - Unique hibiscus experience
Kashmir - Blended spices and strong floral notes, crafted for floral smokers
Kashmir Apple - Kashmir spice with a classic apple that has no anise
Kashmir Blue - Kashmir and Blue Flower in one blend can you handle the floral overload?
Kashmir Cherry - The kashmir spices blend perfectly with this sharp cherry to create a unique blend
Kashmir Peach - The creator of Tangiers lives by this flavor and so do we! Sweet peach with a spiced floral finish
Kashmir Plum - Kashmir brings a sweet spice to brighten this dark fruit
Kashmir Guajava - Sweet guava mixed with Kashmir
Kiwi - Great by itself or even with mint or pineapple for a tropical mix.
Koke - Classic cola flavor with a mild flavor build up
Lemon - Natural lemon smoke with a darker profile, not a candy or super sweet flavor
Lemon Blossom - Classic lemon flavor sweetened by floral notes
Lemon Lime - One of the greatest blends of these two flavors, long lasting and great for mixing
Lemon Tea - It won’t fix your cold but it’s close to a warm cup of tea with about 3 slices of lemon
Mandarin Orange - If Orange Soda wasn’t a winner for you than you’ll find solace with this blend
Maraschino Cherry - Super sweet cherry, add a splash of Cane Mint for an incredible session
Marigold - Bright floral blend
Melon Blend - Honeydew, watermelon, cantaloupe. Very sweet.
Mime - Evenly balanced blend of lime and mint
Mimon - Natural lemon taste with a mint
Mint - Natural mint leaf flavor, great for mixing and not as strong as Cane Mint.
Nectarine - Sweet floral with a citrus undertone
New Lime - One of our favorite citrus blends - great mixer and standalone flavor
New Raspberry - Smooth raspberry without a tangy bite
Old School Watermelon - Watermelon candy, sweet with a great flavor output
Oloiuqui - Root Beer flavor similar to the barrel candies
Orange Soda - There’s no carbonation but this is pretty spot on
Passion Fruit - Semi sweet flavor with great longevity
Peach Iced Tea - Unsweetened white peach with a mild tea leaf flavor
Pear - Delicious spiced pear flavor that’s great by itself or mixed
Pear Watermelon - A blend of old school watermelon and pear, one of our favorites
Pineapple - Easily one of the best pineapple blends on the market. Juicy, sweet and long lasting.
Pink Grapefruit - Provides that great grapefruit taste with more of a sour bite
Pomegranate - Not as tart as the real deal but it smokes nicley
Pumpkin - A seasonal blend that gives you a pumpkin dessert aroma
Raspberry Iced Tea - Raspberry takes over the initial inhale as the tea flavor builds up throughout your session
Red Grape - If White grape was too sweet for you than this is the classic blend you were looking to smoke
Red Tea - Unsweetened tea blend with a lower flavor strength
Regal Flower Special Edition - The Tangiers Rose experience
Schnozzberry- An ever changing blend of berries, it really does taste like schnozzberries
Sevilla Orange - Strong orange taste with a balanced floral touch
Sour - Tart with a dark leaf exhale, great for mixing
Sour Watermelon - A seasonal blend that brings a much needed twist on a classic flavor
Spearmint - Just a like a fresh pack of gum with a Tangiers buzz
Static Starlight - Dark grape with a sweet floral touch
Strawberry - Natural Strawberry taste without a strong sweetness
Strawberry Kiwi - Kiwi adds a tropical sweetness to this balanced blend
Summer Solstice - Watermelon with guava and mixed fruits
Tasty Peach - A balanced peach aroma that blends sweet and semi-sweet peach
Tropical Punch - It’s not Hawaiian but it still packs a punch
Tropical Revenge - A remix to the Tropical Punch with a splash of Grapefruit, our recommended mix involves Mime or Mimon
Watermelon - Was Old School Watermelon to sweet for you? If so this semi-sweet blend will have you set to smoke.
Welsh Cream - One of their top selling flavors that provides a sweet cream taste with a touch vanilla and caramel
White Grape - Great flavor strength with a great balance of sweetness and white grape flavoring
Yunnan Shaddok - Pomelo and orange citrus flavor notes